Go Kart Racing at SBR Motorsports Park

Go Karting at SBR Motorsports Park near Colorado Springs

In choosing a local outdoor go kart racing venue, it’s important to learn more about the reputation of the business and the value it brings to the local community. Our team at SBR Motorsports Park has taken the time to create a welcoming venue with high caliber racing options, and in this latest post, we’ll explore more on what makes our venue the leading local spot for outdoor go kart racing in Southern Colorado.

Several options to experience outdoor go kart racing:

  • One of the leading reasons so many are now choosing our outdoor go kart racing track is that we offer fast, gas-powered, well-maintained go karts for rent. Just be sure to wear long pants and closed-toed shoes, and we’ll get you in kart and experiencing the thrill of racing after an informative orientation.
  • Corporate team building events at SBR Motorsports Park offers a bonding experience no other venue can offer! Enjoy a fun competitive environment with your colleagues surrounded by the beautiful Colorado outdoors.
  • Step it up a notch and join one of our racing events in the Southern Colorado Karting Challenge! Whether you have your own kart or want try the Arrive and Race experience, contact us to learn how you can participate in a true go kart racing event.

Affordable Sessions

  • As part of our commitment to providing a quality and affordable experience, we offer affordable sessions for all visitors. Our sessions are provided at a set rate for the first, and then a lower rate for a second session, providing visitors the opportunity to reduce their costs for a longer time on the track. Included with each session is access to helmets, neck collar, race jacket and gloves. You will find that we offer the best value in Colorado for racing time.


  • Drivers will also be provided an introductory instruction by an experienced kart racing expert, ensuring they have a full understanding of safe and effective kart operation before they begin.

Six Possible Track Layouts

We change our track layouts based on the type of race and skill level of the racers to provide the opportunity to experience something new with each different racing event. And this means that each rider may have a new challenge when racing around our track. With all the twists and turns and unique terrain, we aim to provide a memorable drive for all visitors.

The team here at SBR Motorsport Park is ready to guide you on an unforgettable go karting experience! To book your upcoming event at the park, contact us today!