Group and Corporate

The following group & corporate go kart event programs can be modified to suit your needs the best with additional driving sessions, on-track activities, and kart types driven (depending on experience and group size). We guarantee that your corporate event, bachelor party, or whatever your group may be, will have a great experience!


Pricing is flexible depending on group size and driving session count.  You can rent out the entire park and karts just for your group! Give us a call (719) 492-2635!

We are ready for your group to hit the track and have an awesome time in one of our group racing programs!!  The day starts off with a track talk from our professional driver and instructor. We will teach your group key points of kart racing such as vehicle balance, driving lines, braking techniques, passing and more. You will head out from the classroom to the race track for practice sessions. After practice you will get to see everyone’s lap times and the instructor will brief your group on their performance and give tips on finding more speed.  Up next are qualifying and race sessions!

We also offer team-building activities; a great way to build trust and friendship among  co-workers, to see who on your team has the competitive edge, and provide great entertainment value to the group.

  • Team Endurance Racing
  • Team Relay Racing
  • Pit Stop Challenge
  • High Performance Kart Lap Time Challenge