If we know anything here at SBR Motorsports Park, it is how to become an outdoor go kart racing champion. All our champions consistently follow these six golden rules.

  1. Safety is Always a Priority

Outdoor Go Karting is a safe and thrilling hobby if you take the right precautions. Always wear a helmet that fits correctly and maintain good posture while behind the wheel. Pulling yourself forward can actually slow you down, by the way. Also, do not drink and race, you cannot be the champion if you keep crashing off the track.

  1. Choose Your Kart with Care

As tempting as it may be to chat while waiting for your run on the track, if you want to become a champion, you should pay attention to the other races. Try to watch a few sessions before you get behind the wheel. At most parks, you should figure out which Kart is running the fastest and then try to claim that one before someone else does. At SBR Motorsports Park, however, you can rest assured that all our karts are meticulously maintained, tuned, and tested to run within two tenths of a second of each other.

  1. Resist Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Approaching that first turn at top speed, feeling the back end slide out from under you so you screech around the turn can feel like you are in the middle of an action-packed movie, but it will not win any races. Ease up on the gas as you get closer and accelerate out of the turn instead. When it comes to outdoor Go Kart racing, every fraction of a second counts.

  1. Maximize Engine Revs

Every Go Kart has that sweet spot where the engine revs are maximized providing the ultimate racing efficiency. Play around until you find that sweet spot and try to keep it there and you will soon find yourself in the winner’s circle.

  1. Avoid Braking

The key to becoming a champion is to maintain your momentum, which means avoiding that brake pedal. Instead, as we mentioned above, ease off the gas as you approach turns and then accelerate out.

  1. Have Fun

In the end, outdoor Go Kart racing is all about having a great time doing something that gives you a thrill. It’s an amazing feeling being the champion, but regardless, as long as you have fun that is all that matters. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the ride.

For more tips and tricks for outdoor Go Kart racing, please contact the Southern Colorado experts at SBR Motorsports Park today!