Fall is the season for go-karting in Colorado Springs at SBR Motorsports Park. Here are five reasons you should spend your Saturdays with us this fall!

  1. It’s Affordable!

Believe it or not, spending your fall Saturdays with us is very affordable. For just $35 you can find yourself speeding down our professional go-kart track. If one thrilling session is not enough to satisfy your need for speed, your second session is only $15! Still not ready to leave? Each additional session after that is just $25.

  1. ConvenientLocation

You do not have to plan an extended road trip just to get your thrill on, which saves you time and money. We are just a 15-minute easy drive east of Colorado Springs along Spencer Road. Enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery, especially the majestic view of Pike’s Peak, as you travel down the scenic road towards an adrenalin-charged day of go-karting.

  1. The Cooler Weather Makes for Hotter Thrills

If you’ve ever been in a go-kart in Colorado Springs during the warm summer months, you know how hot the track and go-kart can get. Tack on the required protective equipment (helmet, neck collar) and sometimes it’s simply too hot to really enjoy the ride. Fall brings cooler temperatures and a more pleasurable experience.

  1. Improve Your Time

Practice makes perfect and Saturday is a great time to stop by SBR Motorsport Park to work on shaving those seconds off your time. Get to know the turns and curves that make our professional track the best go-karting course in Southern Colorado.

New to go-karting? No problem! Our professional instructors can help show you the ropes, give you tips and hints to eat up the track and improve your times. The Racing School is designed for both adults and children as young as eight.

  1. Multi-Configurations for Ultimate Enjoyment

The professional go-kart track here at SBR Motorsport Park has up to six possible configurations, some up to half of a mile long! With these many options, you can easily spend your Saturday zooming around new curves and turns.

Affordably priced, high-speed go-karting thrills are only a stone’s throw away. What better way to spend a crisp fall Saturday than racing a go-kart outdoors in Colorado Springs?

For more information about our track or racing school, or to schedule your go-kart sessions, please contact the dedicated team at SBR Motorsport Park today!