Why do so many people keep coming back to SBR?

Many folks in Southern Colorado have not yet experienced the thrill of Go Kart Racing. Others may have raced indoors, while many strictly prefer outdoor go kart racing in Colorado Springs. What are the benefits of each? Which one is right for you?

SBR Motorsports Park Angela Cook Robinson - Outdoor Go Kart Racing in Colorado Springs

Photo Submitted by Angela Cook Robinson

1. Course Length: Outdoor tracks tend to have more space to build bigger tracks. This allows for more variety in the course layout and faster speeds with longer straightaways between curves. Considering the cost of a building to house an indoor track, indoor tracks tend to be shorter and not have as many opportunities where the driver can reach top speed.

2. Track Width: Outdoor go kart racing tracks in Colorado Springs like SBR Motorsports Park are more likely to be wider, offering more chances to pass your competitors than on the tighter indoor tracks. How frustrating is it to spend your racing time stuck behind a slow driver that you can’t pass due to the narrow indoor race track?

3. Authentic Experience: The closest thing to real racing is a gas-powered go kart on an outdoor go kart race track in Colorado Springs. The real racing experience is outdoors! Before kids are old enough to drive a car on the road, they can experience something better on an outdoor race track.

4. Option to Rent a Go Kart or Bring Your Own: Many outdoor karting facilities have an option to race your own karts, whereas indoor facilities typically only allow the rental of their own karts. You have little to no say on the kart you race. At SBR Motorsports Park, not only can you choose your rental kart, you can bring your own!

5. Weather: Particularly in Southern Colorado, Spring, Summer, and Fall present outstanding opportunities to enjoy the true racing experience outdoors. People travel from around the world to be in this beautiful Colorado climate. Why spend that time indoors? Of course, Snow and Hail may put a damper on those plans, and that’s where Indoor Racing may offer an occasional advantage.

6. Kart Type: Outdoor tracks are more likely to offer gas-powered go karts, and you’ll have more of a real racing experience hitting that gas pedal and feeling the engine roar. While there some advantages to battery-powered karts, a gas-powered kart on an outdoor track is what real racing is all about.

So come on out to SBR Motorsports Park while the conditions are still perfect for outdoor go kart racing in Colorado Springs! We have plenty of Gas Powered Karts to rent, whether to an individual, small group, birthday parties, and corporate events.