Go kart racing is growing to become one of the most popular activities for people of all ages across the country. But it’s an activity that gets little media coverage. And so, to help guide you as you explore more on the popularity of go kart racing in Colorado and throughout the country, we’re highlighting nine go kart racing fun facts in this latest post.

  1. Many Professionals Start with Go Karts

Many of the most well-known drivers on the professional circuits started their careers driving a go kart. Drivers like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton drove go karts to hone their skills when they were younger.

  1. Go Karts are Easy to Drive

One element preventing many from enjoying racing go karts is the idea that go karts are hard to drive. In fact, go karts can be easily maneuvered regardless of driving ability or experience. Karting is one of the most accessible forms of racing in the world!

  1. The First Kart was Built in 1956

The first modern styled go kart was built in 1956 from scrap metal and a lawnmower engine by Art Ingels, who is accepted as the father of go kart racing. The sport has grown every year since! Do you know of an earlier model? Tell us about it!

  1. The Kart is Designed to Lift Off the Track During Cornering

Unlike other vehicles with differential axles, the modern kart is designed with wheels that can lift off the track safely during cornering. The trick is to lean to the outside when cornering, putting more weight on the outside wheels and relieving pressure from the inside wheels during the turn. This allows for a more efficient transfer of power from the engine to the road. The kart remains safe and the balance is retained during this process.

  1. Go Karts are Kid-Friendly

Many parents are now taking their children to their local go kart racing track in Colorado. The sport is kid-friendly and allows for children to learn important skills such as focus, balance, and hand-eye-coordination. Kids 54” and taller will have a blast driving 40mph around the track!

  1. Karting is among the Most Popular Motorsports in the World

Aside from spectator sports, some data shows that go karting is now the most popular participant motorsport in the world. Millions around the globe take on go karting activities each year.

  1. Go Karts are Exceptionally Safe

Our rental karts average around 40 mph, making karting an exceptionally safe and fun activity. Racing companies across Colorado train to keep riders safe and ensure the ideal driving experience.

  1. Go Karting is Affordable

As part of special events or simply a family day out, go karting is an affordable activity for all. Rates per 15-minute session vary and have a secondary session at a lower price so riders can spend more time on the track at a lower cost.

  1. Looking Forward is the Key

Looking forward is the key to go kart racing success for Colorado drivers. Using their peripheral vision can help them to avoid collisions and master turning techniques.

Our team at SBR Motorsport Park is here to create memorable go kart racing memories at the top outdoor track in Southern Colorado. To learn more, call us today!