Arrive & Race Series

Apex Speed Kart Racing School offers a variety of karts and high performance driving courses for drivers 8 years old and up! Our fastest adult sprint karts can achieve speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour and 2 g's of cornering force on soft racing slick tires. We have beginner and intermediate level karts for kids and adults as well. All courses include your race-ready kart, all your racing gear, professional driving instruction throughout the entire program, laps with your instructor on track, recorded lap times throughout your day, and tons of fun!

2016 Arrive-and-race Series

The 2016 Arrive and Race Series will begin in Spring and run through Fall of 2016 (dates to be released shortly, make sure to check the calendar). The race series will be a full length racing championship with points being earned by the drivers in each event. You can race in just one or all of the races in the year. These events will have limited seating available so make sure to call SBR Motorsports Park well ahead of time to confirm your spot in each race.

Each race event will provide driving instruction, karts and racing gear. You will get four times out on the track through the race day including practice, qualifying, heat race, and main event. This program was incredibly successful in 2015 and we are very happy to be running a full length championship arrive-and-race series in 2016.

A & R Entry Fee (per event) $130

Your 2016 Arrive and Race Championship Series Results!

Arrive and Race Round #7 Results!